Description of project:

In the january of 2016 our company is beginning to construct the residence at 4 Ifjúság Sétány.  In the course of taking advantage of real estate owned, we are building, in line with the required permits and matching the atmosphere and luxury found along lake Balaton, holiday homes which can also function very well as residences.  We did not want to over-develop the parcel, so we divided the area into 6 separate buildings with 4 apartments, so that every apartment will be given a valuable panoramic sight.

The project will be undertaken in two parts.  In the first part we will build two buildings, which will be handed over in 30 April of 2017, and in the second part  the construction of the following four buildings will be realized, which will be handed over in 31 of May, 2018.

The buildings are built as a ground floor + three floors above it, every building will have an elevator, on two buildings on the Ifjúság promenade side offer commercial shops and services, and there is a large shared space shared between them and the residents.

The basic floor area is between 500-100 square meters, every apartment has a covered terrace depending on its type, and most of the apartments have two facades.  On the top floor of the buildings there is a double comfort Penthouse level containing two apartments and surrounded by terraces.

For vehicle storage is the ground floor of half of the buildings have a garage with remotely operated doors, and is also provided in a separate open-air parking lot being built next to the buildings.


Architectural design:

Foundation: flat primer, point and track foundation, reinforced bottom beam.
Frame:  horizontal load-bearing structures, reinforced concrete slab, reinforced concrete made with triggers the drive beams, vertical load-bearing structures of reinforced concrete pillars and Porotherm 44cm and air-brick walls, and bracing infill function. The walls separating apartments will have sound-proof structure

Roofing:  The buildings are covered with a flat roof with a 2% incline, insulation plastic sheet over the planned pea gravel showdown is providing UV protection. Underneath vapor barrier and impact resistant extruded polystyrene foam insulation are placed.
Drain pipes: The drain pipes and covering will be made of Lindab or equivalent quality powder-coated metal.

Heat- and sound-proofing:  The buildings floor, wall and ceiling structures will typically be constructed with polystyrene insulation where as necessary step resistant finish and elsewhere extruded finish, from the soil and outside space.
External doors and windows: Increased thermal insulation, triple glazing 3, elastic collision with a modern, colorful plastic doors and windows are to be constructed on the facade. From the panoramic lift-slide doors connect the inner and outer space. We will equip the terrace with translucent, colored Trespa sliding walls, enabling the possibility of winter-garden type usage to be realized, and the possibility of shade is also provided.

Internal doors:  To address specific needs we offer the technically required CPL with Porta Inspire type of solid-surface doors, incorporating a flexible door joint. The entrance doors will be multi-point locking security doors.

Floors and floors:  Ceramic and laminate flooring with the required functionality is made, made with matching base. In the bathrooms ceramic floors and tiling to the ceiling are offered with high-quality tiles selected for this purpose, in the kitchens between the lower and upper parts of the kitchen furniture tiling is also provided. The selection of color coatings is according to customer needs. The synthetic resin with natural wood decking will receive durable composite flooring. The apartments are transportation and residential premises wall face services are plastered with a white or pastel-colored emulsion.
Mechanical components: The bathrooms have RAVAK type of sanitary ware and Grohe types of single-lever mixer taps are installed. The content of the technical facilities of housing, bath accessories are not included. (Mirrors, towel racks, toilet paper holders, etc.).
The housing provides cooling and heating of buildings to be placed at the top level of the air-to-air heat pump central boiler.

Electricity: Each apartment is assigned a unique electric meter, connection value 1x32. The electrical walls, ceilings, recessed socket protective plastic tube drawn copper, with plastic insulation of the wiring. Inside the apartment is through a private electric distribution panels, circuit breaker (including safety relay) and surge protection. The electrical switches, sockets flush mounting are made Legrande Valena type, in white. The living room and TV connections are provided; each apartment has IT deployments possibility to access to a service deposit the Wi-Fi router. Each apartment unit receives digital intercom indoor unit, from which the buildings front door and the back door can be opened. The apartments each room lamps sites formed without lights. The kitchens include a built-in electric oven and hob and cooker hood are built into the kitchen furniture.
The apartments provide alarm network for the preparation of protective walls of the tubing. The buildings are equipped with protection against lightning and surge protection.

Furniture:    The apartments are equipped with kitchen furniture, kitchen furniture will be IKEA type METODE, with planned lower and upper elements.
The marketing and sale of the apartments will be continuous from the start of contruction, the  condition for the sale of the specific home and for entering the contract is payment of the registration fee, which will be included in the purchase price after the contract is concluded. The remainder of the purchase price shall be paid under 4-5 installments prior to the date that keys are given over under the terms of the contract.
If we receive multiple applications for an apartment, the buyer will be chosen who offers more favorable payment conditions, or a higher price than the purchase price wehave listed.
We provide the assistance of attorneys during purchase, our company has prepared contracts with the help of the aw firm, whose costs our company bears.
Our company tries to maximally take into account the specific needs of our customers, while ensuring the necessary specific technical conditions.  Beyond the finishing surfaces, this professional assistance extends to technological and architectural and interior design work that does not involve the structural elements. We provide the preparation of these through consultation in the proper technological sequence for construction.
We hope we can be of assistance to you in buying real estate!

Yours sincerely:
Attila Gyetvai
Project Director
Tel.: (70) 707-3601

Tibor Scholtz
Sales Manager
Tel.: (70) 707-3600

Prémium Holiday  Kft.

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