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Our company is made up of a team of specialists with several decades of real estate development experience who have been in this market since the early ’90s, and were among the first who introduced in Hungary the housing market.  During this time we have actively participated in the design, building, and marketing of more than 1000 residential homes.   Our buyers and partners have always had the greatest trust in us, since they know that our main strength is the large amount of technical expertise, our greatest possible focus on customer service, timely execution, and a very good professional technical service for an excellent price-value.
At first, we built mostly condominiums, typically in Budapest (Aquincum residential park, Újpest in the area between Liszt Ferenc street- and József Attila street, Röppentyű street residential park in the 13th district), following this we participated in building commercial centers, for example the Debrecen Fórum, projects too numerous to list.  We are currently working on a residential project in Debrecen consisting of 21 apartments, which will soon be handed over.
We believe that Csopak is a location in which it is worth developing real estate, since this is the most popular destination on the north-eastern shore of Lake Balaton, and the capital of the white wine district.  Csopak and its environs are free of extremes, having a Mediterranean microclimate, where in winter and summer people relax after the exhaustion of their busy workweeks, and is an environment in which people can find relaxation for themselves and their families. Our company is continuously expanding the information about the Premium Residence residential park being built in Csopak.  We are planning to begin construction in autumn of 2015 on the Csopak Ifjúsági Sétány (Csopak youth promenade), right along the shore of lake Balaton.
We are beginning sales of the apartments that are being built in August of this year.  We have uploaded the floor plans of the apartment to our web site, along with renderings.  You can find the floor plans by clicking the APARTMENTS menu, by pointing your mouse to any floor of the given building and by clicking there, the floor plan of the given apartment will pop up.
You can show the floor space of the apartments in the locations list, separated by building.  All the apartments in the building are numbered by building and also floor number, and so you can note exactly which apartment is the one to your liking, and so you can inform us of the specific apartment you would like to book.  Thank you again for your interest!  We are taking bookings, and you can find further information or contact us using the contact details below.
Unique and comfortable modern apartments for those who want the best!
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